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After two years in the planning and writing. Educating Outside is now available to purchase from Amazon, Bloomsbury, Waterstones...

It is a full colour teachers guide to learning and teaching in the school grounds. All the ideas are linked to the National Curriculum, resources are listed, soft skills considered... all you need to take the first steps in teaching and learning outsied, or more ideas to develop your practice. 


Year 3 making prints and rubbings of what may be the fossils of the future... hisotry and science rolled into one!

Using a quiz in the school grounds to try to increase our knowledge of the names and locations of North and South American countries.

And a different style, but equally as successful - well done for not giving up, and for taking advice!

A very successful tent, due to good listening and co-operation.. well done!


Year 5s worked so hard today - stacking the den building logs so they don't rot, clearing dead leaves to encourage grass to grow, finishing the willow hurdles... Developing a great understanding of how to look after our grounds - and what hard work it really is, as well as having some excellent practical science discusions on the way!


Our knowledge of rocks is developing through practical experimentation - how hard are the rocks, are they porous, and what happens when you drop acid on them...? Great scientific enquiry skills from year 3, well done!

Year 6 are making thier own bedouin tents - the first stage was to try to make a framework which would be strong enough... Brilliant DT and science work from an historical perspective. Can't wait to see if they have survived these winds!!


We were investigating how many bones there are in the body, how big they are and how they relate to each other... and how could the Muslim medics fromAncient Baghdad find out so much about the body and health care without any of the technology we have today? What pioneers they were!

Year 3s have been identifying, describing and classifying different types of rocks. Then we went outside to discover whether there were more metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous rocks in the school grounds. What do you think we discovered?

Year 3 have been investigating rocks and soils. They know that some soils are made from rocks, and that there are different types of rocks. To prove that there are, therefore, different types of soils, they used some to make paints.. great science, and brilliant organisational skills, well done year 3!! 

Year 4 used willow to make 'Roman Aquaducts'. Brilliant problem solving and creative thinking..

Year 5 foraged and used what they found to make natural dyes, just like the Saxons and Vikings used to do. Great team work, with history combined with maths, science and language.. well done!!

really good planning from year 5, using previous research to create our own planets

Most beautiful images inspired by Roman Mosaics by Year 4 - so, so impressive, great collaborative work!

Year 3 found some great specimins when we were discovering what lives in the wild flower bed...

Great research by year 6 this week - finding out about Baghdad and developing memory skills..

Year 5 have been investigating facts about planets and then creating thier own solar system on the playground - great science and art learning!!

Year 6 have made the most beautiful natural pictures based on Islamic patterns

Year 3 have been finding out what is under our feet by trying to discover what soils are made of... great scientific working and talk, and huge excitement at the discovery of worms, earwigs, helicopter seeds...

Year 4 have been creating natural pictures based on Roman mosaics. They worked really carefully, making choices about shape, size and colour of the materials they were using,

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