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Educating Outside Is now available to buy from Amazon, Bloomsbury, Waterstones and other good book sellers!!




Helen is now on Hampshire County Council's list of approved trainers!                                           





             Why  outsidelearning.co.uk?

...because this website is being continually updated to support those key stage 2 teachers who wish to use the school grounds to support curriculum learning. The ideas on this website all link directly to the national curriculum, are developed by current teachers, and are designed to enrich and enhance children's learning experiencces.



     Why outside?

...because the wide range of benefits of learning outside are well researched and documented. Schools can enrich their curriculum by including learning outside and the results can include children who are more motivated, resilient, work better in groups, and concentrate better. Attainment across the curriculum, behaviour, and attendance can all improve. Maybe the question should be why inside, rather than why outside?



        Why Helen?

... because Helen is passionate about learning outside. She has been a teacher since 1996, but her last 2 jobs have been as an outdooor teaching specialist. She has also completed her MA in how to develop a whole school approach to outdoor learning. In addition to developing outside learning at Anstey Junior School, Helen now wants to share practice to allow other schools to develop thier provision.




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